A Boy and His Dog

Picture of Brook - my dog.

Tthis is my earliest best friend, my collie, Brook, who was given to me when I was about six by my Aunt Ruth Jewel (later Ruth Boetcher). He was just a puppy, and I remember holding him on my lap while sitting on the front steps of the house at Belleville Road until he fell asleep. When I first saw him I was sick in bed, and I was delighted at the sight. He was part registered South American collie and part non-registered American collie. We were inseparable for the next eight years. He was killed while chasing a street car that I was on by a motorist who sped down the wrong side of the street. It must have been deliberate.

June  -My latest canine companion is Katie, an almost four-year-old Golden Retriever-Husky mix. You can read about Katie.